Friday, June 12, 2015

Time To Grow Up

I've been lonely for a very long time. This isn't to discount my two very best friends that I've managed to hold onto since we graduated what seems like eons ago. I love them both so much and would be so lost without them. But they both live a good distance away from me now, and neither of them understand my love for Lolita or BJDs, nor do they share my passion for artistic pursuits like writing or drawing. We're very different people, and that's amazing. But sometimes it's just really damn lonely too.

I've tried making friends in the Lolita and BJD comms for a long time, and my attempts have always failed for pretty much the exact same reason: I'm just too far away. 

I know a lot of Lolitas have to travel for meet ups and I'm not special in this regard, but I'm beginning to feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle. If I am only capable of attending a meet up once a month, how am I honestly expected to forge meaningful relationships in just a few short hours?

Today, I think I've reached my tipping point.

I have been very excited about attending a BJD meet up that for once, was only about half an hour away from me. YAY! I've been planning on it for weeks and it's finally this weekend. However, because of the heat, the event organizer changed the location, to a spot an hour and a half away. I lamented my disappointed to the group about possibly not being able to come anymore because of the distance, and I was informed that I had been mistaken, this meet up was NEVER intended to be held in the spot I had thought it was. Somehow I had gotten myself turned around and I made a fool of myself. 

Literally a few minutes later came a response to me about a question I had asked my "local" Lolita group on Facebook, wondering if there was going to be a sales meet up planned for this year. I was informed they only host one once a year....and it had already passed last month.

I know these seem like small things, but I feel so defeated. Because of wedding costs I had been gearing up and planning to post about my decision to sell a majority of my Lolita wardrobe with the plans to revive it later on down the road with renewed vigor. But now, I'm ready to throw everything I have on Lace Market at a deep discount, get it all out of my house and never dare touch anything poofy or lacy again.

I know some Lolitas have the desire and will to wear their frills all by themselves. I admire them, and take this to be a sign that perhaps I have been fooling myself for so many years into wishing this fashion could be for me. My feelings of confusion and shame over my looks have only worsened the older I get, and I never did find that courage I was looking for to wear the things I find most beautiful. 

I don't know if this is the end of The Twinkle Boss. I had such high hopes and aspirations for everything I wanted to do. I still think that maybe if I had been someone else, I would have been able to make all these things happen. But perhaps it's time to accept that these things just aren't for me, to move on, and to grow up. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Redefining "Mature"

So I know it's been a pretty slow months as far as updates go. I'm not going to lie, between wedding planning (and all the awesome DIY crafts that go along with it), gearing up for NaNoWriMo and preparing for summer at work (our busiest season), Lolita simply hasn't been on the forefront of my mind.

Well, sort of.

I feel like Lolita is so intrinsically tied into my personal sense of fashion, that even when I'm dressing like a normie, the cute, beautiful aspects of this niche fashion always manages to bleed through. And that's not always a good thing. 

As the days constantly speed on by and I'm approaching such a huge turning point in my life, it's becoming more and more evident that I'm an adult now, and with that requires specific obligations-including my wardrobe. I'm sure a lot of 20-somethings can relate. We're too old to dress like we're still in high school, but not really ready to turn it all in for practical shoes and black pencil skirts. Even more so, I feel like we're a part of a generation that really values self expression, embracing our quirks and shamelessly flaunting our individuality. But how does that all tie into projecting a mature, confident adult image?

Through my travels on in the internet and research into what exactly makes up a respectable, adult-worthy closet, I find I usually come upon something that looks a little like this:

Essentials for an Adult Wardrobe

1. A black, simple blazer

2. A pair of perfectly tailored skinny jeans/boyfriend jeans/bootcut jeans/insert whatever type of jeans are popular at the time of the publication

3. A simple scoopneck white t-shirt and or/a white button up blouse (of the single pocket, pointy collared variety)

4. A classic LBD

5. A jean jacket

Hmmmm.  I'm seeing an unsurprising lack of mentioning of anything remotely, well, frilly.

Okay, I get it. These really ARE the staples of a classic, timeless wardrobe and I won't dispute that. But what about the person wearing these clothes? What about someone like me who abhors pants of any style, fit or fabric and only owns one pair of jeans for farm work? Or additionally hates jeans on any garment, including the beloved jean jacket? Or who strictly wears t-shirts only for sleeping?

I can very easily gather a wardrobe like all the guidelines suggest. I can dress like a traditional grown up if a really wanted to. But that's just it-why are adults only allowed to fall within such a narrow definition to be considered mature? Why are details like lace, pastels and delicate fabrics treated with such disdain, and when included only so with the cautionary reminder to mix it up with something "masculine" like a jean or leather jacket and chunkier jewelry? Why is any outfit that is completely and 100% made up of traditional "feminine" elements viewed with such negativity?

I don't really have the answers to any of the questions. I know that somewhere in there part of the reason is lodged in (America's anyway) deep-rooted cultural mindset that traditional femininity is viewed as weaker or less than masculine traits. These sexist views are changing, but they have been so for many decades and these beliefs aren't just going to go away simply because I want to wear a bow in my hair and not be viewed as someone with a child complex. 

So how does one exactly balance the external with the internal? How do I portray to the rest of the world that I'm a capable, mature adult while still staying true to myself and the person I want to be? I refuse to believe that growing up means letting go of the imagination, creativity and romanticism that fueled me in my younger years and continues to yearn to be expressed on the outside.

I feel like this struggle is one that I am going to continue to battle for the rest of my life. It's a delicate balance, one I've touched on more than once before and still don't have the answer to.  Somewhere in there I'm sure the answer lies in self confidence of some sort, but until I find that holy grail, I will continue on my search.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Forgotten Lolita Accessories Pt. 2

Time for Part Two of Forgotten Lolita Accessories! It's been a little while and I figure now is as good a time as any to get the ball rolling again. So what are some more cute accessories that I think are often a little neglected and could definitely be used to spruce any outfit up?


I'm not the kind of lady who typically spends more than $12 on a pair of sunglasses. Honestly, if they're not getting lost in the abyss of what was once my bedroom (moving two people into a tiny room is hard!) then they're getting broken by my well-meaning but ever so not gentle fiance. Ah well, such is life. That just means I have more opportunity for variety! 

I admit, I have a particular fondness for extremely round, large, Harry Potter-esque sunglasses, and much to my delight, with a little searching, they are available in a slew of colors! Which spurred me further into the next logical step of matching my sunglasses with my coords! Sadly, my favorite pair right now are a pair of super pink, glittery frames and I own nothing even remotely sweet in terms of Lolita, but the idea still stands. I'd love to see more super creative eyewear in the Lolita realm!


So, I have a basic chiffon white Forever 21 blouse, and a few weeks ago one of the buttons popped off the sleeve. I've been meaning to fix it for ages but always put it off for one reason another. Well, this past weekend I finally found myself wandering down the aisles of the local fabric store, and I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across the button aisle. Flowers! Bunnies! Rainbow colors, pearls, sparklies and pastels! There were buttons galore! Did I mention the bunnies!?

So I might just be super late to the party and everyone has already jumped onto the adorable button train, but maybe there's still some Lolitas out there who, like me, never realized just how much variety in buttons there really are-and just how easy they are to add to a basic blouse for an instant pop of Lolita charm!


Artilady brooch

Okay, so perhaps these darlings aren't quite as ignored as some of the other accessories I've listed, but I still feel they're vastly under appreciated in a fashion that suits them so perfectly! Perhaps it's because they have such a strong "granny" stigma attached to them, but I really think brooches can be so much more than the common cameo we'll  occasionally see at the throat of a Gothic or Classic Lolita. A little digging through ebay, etsy, and the local flea markets and antique shops and there truly is a treasure trove to be found. They can also make an adorable addition to hats, shawls and scarves, and can be dressed up with ribbons and pearls for a little extra pop!

So there we have, Part Two of Forgotten Lolita Accessories! This was really quite fun, and I think it challenged me to think outside the box and dig a bit deeper into all those smaller details that I feel truly make Lolita a special fashion. It's always fun to find new ways to express yourself, and I love that these little additions are the perfect way to do it on a budget!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Garden and Pavilion!

So it's been some time since I've done a wedding update and I feel like indulging a little bit. Mostly because I just received some more photos from our wedding planner and I'm VERY excited! I had a little bit of a panic-induced meltdown not too long ago as there is quite some distance between us and our venue and I was very afraid of giving up so much control over how things would look and go for the day.

Well never fear! After a few phone calls I was able to speak with our coordinator and she was such a doll! Now that they know I'm a particularly detail-oriented bride, I'm feeling much more involved in the process and not nearly as anxious as before.  Now if only I could nail down our theme!

I'd also love to share some photos. Reminder: NONE of these photos are mine! They were all sent from my coordinator and are from the archives of past weddings they've hosted.

So with that out of the way, here's where our reception will be held! It's ironic, as I never imagined getting married outdoors, but this is just so gorgeous!  How can I say no to a classic white gazebo nestled in the midst of a perfectly manicured rose garden-my favorite flower? It looks so timeless and classy!

Our pre-reception will be held on the lawn right beside the gardens. Simple and lovely.

Lastly, the beautiful pavilion for our reception! I love it SO much! Our reception will still be held during daylight hours, but I just wanted to show the first picture since it's absolutely breath-taking!

As you can see, all of these photos are from very different weddings, so I'm still a little nervous about how it's all going to come together for my own (just looking at these photos gave me about a zillion more questions I forgot to ask). But all in all I'm I'm beyond thrilled with the beauty of our venue and I'm looking forward to bringing it all together for our fairytale day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


So I know news of this brand spankin' new BJD forum has been making its rounds on Tumblr, but I wanted to join in the fray with my own little announcement! I am merely a member of the forum, but I'm already so thrilled by the positivity this forum is offering those to the BJD community. So I'd like to share it with you all, and encourage you all to join the brand new Dollaholics!

This forum is all encompassing and boasts not only it's  own friendly, interactive forum, but a marketplace and specific areas to write blog posts (including offside blogs like Tumblr and Blogger), share photos and videos, and various groups. This forum is dedicated to bringing back the community aspect of the hobby, holding everything in a centralized space.

Personally, I'm very excited to see how this forum will continue to grow and hope more collectors will join and spread the word.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Forgotten Lolita Accessories Pt. 1

One aspect of Lolita that I love is that it's all about the details. Even the simplest, most casual coord tends to look better with a hair bow or a necklace sprucing it up. And in Lolita, there certainly is a plethora to choose from! Anything from necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, crowns (hime or flower) and head bows of various shapes and sizes are all game.  But many Lolitas take it one step further with caplets and shawls, purses, wallets and maybe the occasional gloves thrown on a classic Lolita here or there.

Still, I sometimes feel like there are still so many other interesting accessories that are going amiss! I know personally I am extremely guilty of ignoring almost a lot of the smaller elements (and it's something I hope to really focus on in this upcoming year), so I thought I'd take a moment to step back, and really reflect on everything the amazing world of fashion really has to offer. In this day and age practically anything goes, and Lolita seems to be transforming and growing at such an alarming rate that perhaps there's more room for some of these things than we've given them credit for.

So let's begin!


Gabardine Creations Couture on Etsy

Yogi Peace Scarf
I won't even pretend to hide it-I absolutely adore scarves. If there's the tiniest nip in the air, I always feel ready to bust one out. And why not? They come in a huge range of colors, fabrics, prints and styles and there's absolutely guaranteed to be one that could suit pretty much any coord. While I realize not every Lolita lives in a climate cool enough to warrant a scarf, I know I'd certainly love to see more of them utilized when possible.


Some might argue that belts aren't 'true Lolita', but I beg to differ. It's all about the details of the belt and placement. Belts that nip in at the waist are extremely popular in mainstream fashion nowadays, and as Lolita skirts and a large number of dresses rest at the natural waist, it really seems that belts are just the next logical step! Granted, these might be a little trickier to coordinate with some outfits, but when used correctly I definitely think they add just a little extra something!


I admit, watches aren't really my favorite thing-to wear. But I never tire of looking up beautiful pictures of them! And the beauty of watches is they need not be terribly expensive and can be just as beautiful as a bracelet and definitely much more useful! I know in our modern age of cell phones that watches are certainly being phased out and those who do wear them typically stick to a tried and true favorite, but I think perhaps they might be an area we should open ourselves up to. They are after all a classic staple, and classics are deemed as thus for a reason.


Baskets are pretty popular for country Lolitas. And...that's about it. I realize these are definitely a little bit trickier to coordinate with, but I can definitely see them being used for sweet Lolita and something a little more classic rather than classic-turned-country. I admit this may be a stretch, but Lolitas are definitely known for their creative handbags, so why not explore the beauty of the basket a little bit more?

What do you think are some accessories you would love to see more of in Lolita? I'd love to hear them, and keep an eye out for Part Two!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Completing Kassia!

So this post is a little overdue, but I figure a late update is better than none at all! A little over a month ago I posted about bringing home my very first girl BJD home,a DIMDoll Kassia hybrid with an Asleep Eidolon body that I purchased second hand.  After that it was time to play the waiting game with DIM as I placed my order for her head.

True enough to the DIM website, less than a month later her head was shipped out, and she arrived March 12th, 2015. Her box was so much tinier than I had anticipated, but as I began to unwrap her I could instantly feel myself falling in love.

She came with a little certificate of authenticity! It's been so long since I've ordered a doll straight from the company I forgot all about those.

Freshly unwrapped, the smell of her resin was SO strong! 

I wasted absolutely no time putting her together. Sadly my sunlight was beginning to wane by this time, but I was able to snag at least a couple of photographs of her fully assembled.

Ta da! I was able to borrow her wig, shoes and eyes from the stash I already had laying around from my other dolls. Luckily two of my boys have extremely small bodies and require girls shoes to fit them! Her dress was the only thing I purchased new from her, a quick $20 ebay purchase so she'd have something to stay at least a little modest.

Ironically, this look is absolutely NOTHING like what is actually suited for her character. Eventually, I intend for her to be a blue eyed, curly haired redhead with a penchant for detailed, extravagant dresses in jewel tones. It's going to take me awhile to have the time and means to get her to that point, but I look forward to the process and I'm just so enchanted with her at the moment I don't mind her inaccuracy.

So with that, I have my very first female BJD. She's everything I had hoped for and was well worth the effort to get her here!

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Dress Pt. 3

So, I realize it's been awhile since I actually updated this little series of my wedding dress shopping excursions. So although I know this isn't exactly the focus of this blog I still think it's important enough to warrant some attention. So with that out of the way, hopefully I will be able to complete these final few chapters fairly quickly. Without further ado, the second half of my David's Bridal experience.

This store ultimately wound up being the one I tried the most dresses on. Up next was another lovely Very Wang gown with a gorgeous crinkle chiffon and tulle skirt.


 I had never really seen a fabric like this and it admittedly was very fetching. I absolutely adore the bodice of this dress. It was so unbelievably flattering and comfortable and made me feel just beautiful. The sweeping details on the skirt were also gorgeous as they were quite unique and reminded a lot of Disney's classic Cinderella's dress. Again we tried it with another belt just to give it a little pop of sparkle, but I know with something so wintery that the flowers weren't quite to my taste.

Sadly, this gown was just a tad above my comfortable price range. I know that had I fallen head over heels in love with it my sisters and mom would have helped me pay the difference. But since I was still on the fence, I was hesitant to take them up on such a generous offer. In the end, I think it was the crinkle chiffon that was both a bless and a curse. It was so unique and beautiful to touch, yet it was just different enough that it strayed too far from what I had always envisioned.

Don't know the style number :(
Next up with this little beauty. This was actually a gown chosen by my mother, which is why it might look a little different from the previous dresses. My mother and I have very different tastes, but I knew that I absolutely wanted to try on something that she specifically chose for me.

I was surprised at just how much I actually liked this dress. I was wary as it was covered in lace , had a lot of detail on the bodice and didn't have as full a skirt as I tended to prefer, but once I slipped it on I was pleasantly surprised. It was certainly a lot lighter than the other dresses I had tried on, and the sparkle and lace was way more elegant and classy than I had initially thought. What can I say, my Mom has good taste! And while this dress might not have been The One, I was pretty pleased to have tried it on.

VW351213 in gold/blush

I tried on a few more dresses, but my appointment was winding down and with nothing jumping out at me I decided to try on the original Vera Wang dress on just one last time. This time I opted for the second version of the dress in blush and gold. Slipping it on felt like magic as I was once again enveloped in folds of beautiful, soft tulle. The pink was an element I hadn't ever considered before and the whimsical bow sent my heart aflutter.
Still, as far as my entourage was considered, it was less than a winner. I wasn't ready to give up on it just yet. This had been the dress of my dreams the second I saw it online and I wasn't about to throw in the towel. I knew my dress shopping journey had just begun, so while I wasn't going to make a decision just yet, I wasn't ready to let go of it either.

So ended my very first wedding dress shopping trip. As I left the store, I was a finding myself wrestling way more emotions and confusion than I had anticipated. I knew exactly what I wanted and it wasn't particularly complicated, so why was I having such difficulty finding it? Was it supposed to be a super clear Aha! moment? Did it really matter if my family and friends disliked the dress if I loved it? Could I really opt for anything other than traditional white? Would I regret it later?

It was a lot to take in and I wasn't nearly as prepared as I thought I was. One might argue that for a dress I would only wear for one day, it needn't be such a huge obstacle. And yet I view it from the other side of the coin. Because I get to wear this dress for only one day, should it not be absolutely perfect? Even a cheap gown will more than likely run a pretty penny, so should I not invest in something I truly love on a day I intend to remember for the rest of my life? 

I left the shop with more questions than I did answers.

Part One: Introduction
Part Four: Mafalda's Bridal
Part Five: Bay Area Bridal

Thursday, March 26, 2015

On sewing...

Sewing and I have a very long and complicated past. I still remember the first time I became enchanted by its wonders. I couldn't have been more than 7 or 8, and I was standing in the local Grange hall, watching as the 4-H troupe prepared for their open house. There was a very tiny sewing group, made up of exactly one girl in fact, and the group leader was none other than my very own grandmother. Throughout the year she had created a beautiful line of dresses, and as I learned that those lovely garments came from none other than her own hands, I rapidly grew obsessed with the idea of someday making my own gorgeous wardrobe.

That moment was just the start of my tumultuous sewing journey. I joined 4-H as soon as I can, specifically with the goal of learning how to sew (and admittedly, it was an awesome excuse to convince my parents to let me adopt a bunny).

I learned immediately that I was terrible at it.

Tangled threads. Pokey needles. Unpressed seams. A frazzled mess of bunched up fabric and crooked hems. It was terrible. I stuck it out for a couple years before I threw in the towel. Everything I created had been a disaster.

But I didn't give up entirely. A few years later I discovered sewing was offered as an elective at my school, and once more I was rapidly taken in by the swoon-worthy idea of finally mastering this tantalizing art. I decided to give it another go. Fortunately for me the teacher was amazingly patient (despite dealing with 30 dramatic teenage girls at a time) and highly skilled, and despite my horrible lack of talent, I was able to, at the very least, come home with a very nice potholder at the end of the year.

After I graduated I was determined to continue my sewing pursuits. I bought my own sewing machine and lugged a 100lb box brimming with fabric and notions 6 hours away with me as I moved for college. I had projects, ideas, and a renewed zest. I was definitely going to make it work this time.

Nowadays that box is sitting maybe 10 lbs lighter in the back of my sister's closet. Once again, my best efforts had left me with nothing but lopsided aprons and a hopeless wondering of where I went so wrong.

Not it's been awhile. But as usual, the desire to sew has never fully abandoned me. Every time I struggle to find something beautiful in my size, only to find it's limited to those with a 26 inch waist, I feel that sting. Searching store after store, both physical and online to be left with the sheer frustration at the lack of simple peter pan collars, midi skirts and blouses thicker than tissue paper has left me in a haze of envy of those who never gave up.

So here I am. Once again staring into the abyss of fabric and thread and needles and trying not to back down. I feel determined. I know patience is my downfall. Coupled with my burning desire to finally own beautiful clothes that truly fit correctly, I hope the passion won't diminish quite so easily. The fact that I continue to come back to it, despite the sheer irritation it causes me gives me a glimmer of hope that maybe this is something I really am meant to do.

Crossing my fingers, and going forward with caution.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I'm Lost

Do you guys remember that scene in Disney's Lilo and Stitch,where Stitch runs away? He takes Lilo's book, The Ugly Duckling, with him, after she read it to him and told him about the little duckling who was searching and cry out for his family. Alone and confused, Stitch wanders into the first, calling out for a home he doesn't realize he already has.

Artwork by Colby Bluth

Sadly, I am neither as cute, fluffy or as as poignant as Stitch. But, I do think he and I do share something between us that is still very important. That is, a lack of understanding and acceptance of who we are.

When I started writing this blog, I never intended for it to revolve around such issues as body positivity and the self acceptance movement. And honestly, I still don't really intend to delve too deeply into those very complicated issues. But, given how intrinsically tied together fashion and my own body image are,  I think it would be naive of me to dismiss them altogether.

Personally speaking, I have never fully accepted, understood or loved my body for what it is, and I'm honestly not sure if I ever will. However, I do find that with the right clothes, I can find a new appreciation for it, which is why I think fashion as a whole is so important to me. I don't like to use clothes to hide myself or to feel like the garments are wearing me instead of the other way around.

Still, I'm struggling. Despite my bold attempts in the past few months to break out of my strict "all black only" box to pursue bigger and better things, I find myself seriously floundering. I look into my closet crammed with clothes, and this is what I find: half a dozen tulle skirts in various colors, too many solid black Lolita dresses I never wear, solid knit plain long sleeve t-shirts and tank tops, maybe three regular blouses and another half dozen frilly shift dresses. 

Nothing is cohesive. Nothing works. I hate wearing knit tops, yet I seem to be extraordinarily picky when it comes to purchasing blouses. Yet the lack the blouses makes it very difficult to wear my JSKs or my skirts. I feel like there is a HUGE absence of accessories-jewelry, belts, hats, cardigans, etc. that really pull together an outfit and make it look complete, yet I've so little understanding in how to coordinate these things without looking busy that I never seem to purchase any. Instead, I constantly feel plain, boring and ultimately frumpy.

I do feel lost. Not only in my navigating my wardrobe, but in simply trying to understand who I am and what exactly it is I am trying to represent. I feel childish, insecure and self conscious in poofy skirts, cutesy tea parties and adorable head pieces. Yet I feel extraordinarily dull, uninspired and sad in the simple, boxy designs often offered by most American retail stores. I long for whimsical skirts, romantic lace and flowing chiffon. I adore bows and pretty roses and feminine polka dots. Yet I can't seem to find the right balance. Sweet, yet mature. Playful yet elegant.

I'm still searching. Still looking and hoping and trying. But I've come to accept it.

I'm lost.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Shift Dress

So I've been thinking a lot about why my latest purchase from My Lolita Dress failed me so badly. I have a few staple pink piece in my non-Lolita wardrobe that I wear without a problem, so I don't think it was exactly the color. The fabric wasn't terrible, and while it was thin, it didn't feel cheap or wrinkly. It was loose, but it was structured to be that way. So what went wrong?

Then this morning I was browsing one of my favorite online shops,, and I was hit like a battering ram with this new beauty:

Oh gosh, I literally felt my jaw drop. It's gorgeous! I instantly stuck it in my shopping cart as I eagerly await my next pay day.

But it got me thinking-this dress has a lot of style similarities to my much failed MLD dress. They're both pink. They both have a shorter hemline. They both have no defined waist. They both are cutesy. Was I going to have the same miserable result with this dress as I did the last?

But then it occurred to me-I already own two dresses in the style of the Modcloth dress, and I love them! They're both so incredibly comfortable while at the same time always make me feel polished and pretty. And I think that's where I hit my snag with MLD. As similar as the cuts are, there was still one huge difference. That is, the MLD dress was still a Lolita dress, and as such needed to be made large enough to contain a petticoat. It wasn't an actual shift dress, but designed after the style of a Lolita dress.

Now, I know I'm not a designer, but after slipping on one of my favorite shift dresses I could blatantly see that as flowy and loose as they were, no petticoat would ever live comfortably beneath their hems. They just aren't structured that way. So while I expected to have the same lovely, princess moment with my MLD dress, it was ultimately doomed to failure. I was looking for a shift dress effect, not a Lolita dress effect.

Personally, as I am slowly trying to wade into the world of proper clothing terms and design, this revelation is pretty huge to me. It means I can't assume every Lolita dress without a defined waist is going to fit like a shift dress, but it also doesn't mean I have to give up my beloved loose and comfortable frocks either.

So with that, I leave some further inspiration as to just how beautiful shift dresses truly can be.

Thank you Modcloth!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Underskirt Ahoy!...and some bad news

Bad news first.  I was really hoping to start off this month with a review of my very first lucky pack that I ordered from the brand Pink Up on the My Lolita Dress website. You all remember that, right?

Well, it seems that shall not be so, as I woke up this morning to an email from Linda over at MLD that the lucky packs had all been sold out before my order has processed. lucky pack for me. She asked if I would like to use the purchase toward something else in the shop and as an apology she would include a free gift.

Okay, I'm pretty bummed you guys. Like, really really REALLY bummed. But, I'm trying to look at the silver lining. I've been wanting an underskirt for a very long time and continually put it off in favor of more interesting things. So I figure this is a pretty good opportunity to get myself into gear and jump on that.

JeJ Chiffon Underskirt
This is the beauty I'll be ordering. Ideally I would someday like to end up with both a black and a white/off-white one, but for now I'll be going with the black one as it will suit a majority of my current wardrobe.

I'll still have a little left over for one other thing to go in my order, and I'm debating between either a mini shawl like one of these:

In wine red

In white

or this beautiful headpiece:

While either of the shawls would be quite practical in my wardrobe as I'm severely lacking in blouses and shawls are great for summer whether, but I also could use a pretty piece of headgear as I'm mostly limited to small, unimpressive head bows at the moment. What do you guys think?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When dresses fail...

Some of you may remember my excited post a couple of weeks ago  about my latest My Lolita Dress review. You know, for this dress:

Well, sadly, not all dreams are meant to come true.
When I first tried the dress on it felt lovely. The fabric was comfortable and very lightweight and it flowed around me just as I expected. It was shorter than I was hoping for but I wasn't surprised. It lands just a few inches higher up than I would prefer, though it's nothing that a pretty white chiffon underskirt can't fix. The sleeves are the biggest problem, although it's relatively minor. They are definitely long enough and just as loose as the rest of the dress, but they are a bit snug up top across my shoulders and back. Fortunately this is only when I'm really stretching and it fits fine when I'm otherwise standing or walking normally.

Sadly, when I turned around and looked in the mirror, it was a completely different story. I ain't gonna lie, it was not a pretty picture. The entire dress felt like a frilly, frumpy nightgown. I literally looked like the definition of an overgrown toddler and I felt utterly moronic.

I gotta admit, my heart was pretty crushed.

I took the dress off trying not to cry and put it away. To this day I'm still not entirely sure where I went wrong. I do wear pink in my other, non-Lolita clothes and the mature neckline and understated decorations seemed like the perfect compromise between sweet and classic. But something about this dress just doesn't jive.

A couple days later I did try it on a second time. This time, I tied the waist sash at a different spot, higher on my waist than before. That seemed to help a little. I put my hair up instead of down. I opened the window to let some natural light in. All these things (and heaping dose of under eye concealer ) all made the entire picture not quite so frightful.

Still, it isn't enough. I literally dread the thought of ever wearing this dress in public. I briefly entertained the thought of transforming it into a skirt, but given my lack of skill and the fact that this color and fabric just might not ever look good on me, I've since retired that idea. So, sadly, up for sale it must go. I've never tried to sell off a dress quite so quickly before as I usually try to give them a few chances to mesh with my wardrobe, but this time the decision was pretty easy.

Oh well. Some people just weren't meant to look cute.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bringing home Kassia...

So I know in times of grieving that "retail therapy" is never usually the best solution. But I don't care. Right now I need something new to focus on. Something with instant gratification that I ccan hold and touch and play with. And it just so happened, being tax season in the United States, I actually had the excess funds to do so.

I decided to purchase a new BJD. It's been a very long time since I've added to my collection and although I constantly wish about getting back into the hobby, I never really do. Well, I've wanted a girl doll for years, and as I've mentioned before in previous posts, there has been only one girl who has ever really caught my attention and stuck with me: DIMDoll Kassia.

Ironically, I only purchased her body so far. I knew I didn't want the default DIM body, instead hoping for something a little more delicate and pear shaped. After too many hours of research that doubled as a wonderful distraction, I finally found the Asleep Eidolon 1/3 body. It's absolutely perfect. And by a stroke of luck, I found an amazing seller in the United States who was willing to split their Asleep Eidolon Solstice they had for sale so I could only purchase the body. She arrived super quick, and here she is.

Been such a long time since I've had the excitement of opening one of these...

And the first peek, a little bubble-wrap mummy.

Here she is. Gosh, I feel like it's been so long since I've even handled my own dolls. Just unwrapping her and inspecting her over was such a delight.

Standing all on her own. She's so beautiful and absolutely perfect. As my only girl BJD, it was very important to me to find her a body that I absolutely adored and I didn't want to compromise on that. I specifically knew I wanted a girl with smaller breasts and wider hips, and it was vital she not be overly thin with visible ribs or hip bones. This body is just gorgeous, slender but still with an obvious softness about her.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with her and so happy to finally have my one girl BJD home. Her head is already on its way home to me as well, so luck willing she'll be whole in no time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I think I might be ready to do this. This is my sweet, dearest Chihuahua. Her name was Muneca. On February 12th, 2015, she made her journey to Heaven. She would have turned 16 years old in March.

She was very frail and very sick.

I love her very much. I won't ever forget her.

Farewell for now Muneca.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My-Lolita-Dress Review II

Time for another review!

I readily admit I'm loving My Lolita Dress more and more for their wide range of options, a comfortable range of prices and absolutely excellent customer service. I really wanted to splurge a tiny bit on a dress for Valentine's is it would be my fiance and I's first year anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than by wearing pink? I know, pretty scary right?

But I've never denied it. I LOVE the color pink! I simply lack the confidence to wear it. I don't feel comfortable in overly cutesy things so I know I didn't want to choose something that would only be suitable for sweet Lolita. So while I was browsing I was caught in by this lovely dress.

I was really charmed by the more mature, classic looking collar and wrist cuffs, and the dress came with a matching sash that could be tied around the waist for a more fitted, less flowy look which definitely sealed the deal. Made of chiffon and sprinkled with tiny moons and stars, it was sweet, but (to me in any case) still held an air of elegance that could potentially be even more accentuated by the right accessories and shoes. 

So on January 27th, I placed my order. As usual, the process was very simple through Paypal. I awaited my email to be notified when it was shipped out, but much to my surprise it arrived quite early on February 4th! I didn't choose a special shipping method, so 9 days in total was quite speedy!

As usual I forgot to take a picture of the packaging, but it was all wrapped securely in a Fed Ex bag, and the dressed was placed again in a second bag. Pretty standard and aside from some minor wrinkling (seriously, why do I not own a steamer yet?) the dress wasn't damaged in any way.

As you can see, the dress is pretty true to it's stock photo. A lovely soft shade of baby pink and adorable "pearl" buttons. They don't seem entirely strong however so I will have to keep an eye on them to ensure they don't break, although the dress did come with two extra ones attached in a bag.

The adorable little moon and star details! You can even see the extras like planets and star clusters, it's all so cute but tiny enough as to not feel super overwhelming.

The lace is unfortunately not the best, and I included a close-up of where it doesn't quite match up and there are loose threads in some places. Still, it doesn't particularly bother me as it's very small, and only on the hem of the dress and a small amount on the neckline. It's not extremely scratchy and stiff, but definitely not the best either, but since it's used in such a limited amount I don't find it particularly bothersome.

Overall, I am once again impressed by My Lolilta Dress' level of customer service (I must have bothered poor Linda, the sales representative about half a dozen times and she always answered me back promptly and courteously), and the professionalism of the entire transaction. Their website is constantly updating with new, beautiful items so I'll definitely be keeping my eye on it for the future!
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