Friday, May 1, 2015

Garden and Pavilion!

So it's been some time since I've done a wedding update and I feel like indulging a little bit. Mostly because I just received some more photos from our wedding planner and I'm VERY excited! I had a little bit of a panic-induced meltdown not too long ago as there is quite some distance between us and our venue and I was very afraid of giving up so much control over how things would look and go for the day.

Well never fear! After a few phone calls I was able to speak with our coordinator and she was such a doll! Now that they know I'm a particularly detail-oriented bride, I'm feeling much more involved in the process and not nearly as anxious as before.  Now if only I could nail down our theme!

I'd also love to share some photos. Reminder: NONE of these photos are mine! They were all sent from my coordinator and are from the archives of past weddings they've hosted.

So with that out of the way, here's where our reception will be held! It's ironic, as I never imagined getting married outdoors, but this is just so gorgeous!  How can I say no to a classic white gazebo nestled in the midst of a perfectly manicured rose garden-my favorite flower? It looks so timeless and classy!

Our pre-reception will be held on the lawn right beside the gardens. Simple and lovely.

Lastly, the beautiful pavilion for our reception! I love it SO much! Our reception will still be held during daylight hours, but I just wanted to show the first picture since it's absolutely breath-taking!

As you can see, all of these photos are from very different weddings, so I'm still a little nervous about how it's all going to come together for my own (just looking at these photos gave me about a zillion more questions I forgot to ask). But all in all I'm I'm beyond thrilled with the beauty of our venue and I'm looking forward to bringing it all together for our fairytale day!


  1. That first picture reminds me so much of the wedding of one of my best friends! It's almost exactly how hers looked! The gazebo was such a lovely touch and made for some great photos. One thing I would recommend though is giving the guests a paper fan each as we did find it got a bit hot in the sunshine!

    It looks like your plans are really coming together, and I can only hope the run up to the big day goes smoothly! I'm excited to see how your fairytale day turns out <3

    1. Oh gosh, I probably sound like a total creeper but I'd love to see photos! Haha, can you tell I've become totally obsessed with weddings?

      And thank you for the suggestion! We are having a morning wedding in the winter, so hopefully it won't be TOO horrible, but it will be held in a place notorious for it's sunny weather so we should probably look into that. I'm so excited to show more updates!! <3

    2. Haha it's not creepy at all! I've gone through the pictures I took and I guess it's not ~quite~ the same look as your venue but there are certainly similarities in the main ceremony set up. Here's a wonky picture I took at an awkward angle from my seat!
      They went for a red carpet going up the aisle as you can see, and some hanging decorations in the gazebo. I expect you could have yours decorated to your tastes if you wanted a more whimsical feeling for example, or elegant etc. Do you already have a set theme or colour scheme in mind? :)

      The wedding and reception had less than 100 guests so it felt quite intimate and cosy. I adored the choice of centrepieces. If I recall correctly my friend made the majority of decorations herself:

      As evening drew in the centrepieces were lit up!

      Her wedding was last August and it was much hotter than expected! It does get hot in the UK in the summer but the weather is very inconsistent from one day to the next so it's easy to get caught completely off guard here XD

      I'm so excited for you! Weddings always get me in this giddy mood where I want to pick out colour schemes and design all the little details! If I ever get married I'm sure I'm going to irritate everyone with my enthusiasm! <3

    3. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing those with me! Your friend had such a lovely wedding, I loved seeing those! I'll be having a smaller guest list too (we're guessing 50-60 people), so it makes me feel a lot better that as a guest you didn't feel like it was too empty or sparse.

      And yes! We finally settled on a theme a couple weeks ago! Antique Fairytale <3 It's all about magic and whimsy and beautiful vintage keepsakes. Like your friend, we'll be including birdcages in some of our centerpieces too! Ours will be mistmatched so not all of them will, but we've already gathered a couple and I'm so excited by how pretty they are. Those light up roses she used are so dreamy and beautiful! Our reception will be over by 5:30 though so I don't know if it's worth it for me to look into investing in something like that though haha.

      Anyway, thank you again! I'm so happy I'm not going overboard with all the wedding talk either, I have a lot more to gush over and I'm trying not to get too crazy. I'm glad you understand!!


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