Wednesday, April 15, 2015


So I know news of this brand spankin' new BJD forum has been making its rounds on Tumblr, but I wanted to join in the fray with my own little announcement! I am merely a member of the forum, but I'm already so thrilled by the positivity this forum is offering those to the BJD community. So I'd like to share it with you all, and encourage you all to join the brand new Dollaholics!

This forum is all encompassing and boasts not only it's  own friendly, interactive forum, but a marketplace and specific areas to write blog posts (including offside blogs like Tumblr and Blogger), share photos and videos, and various groups. This forum is dedicated to bringing back the community aspect of the hobby, holding everything in a centralized space.

Personally, I'm very excited to see how this forum will continue to grow and hope more collectors will join and spread the word.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Forgotten Lolita Accessories Pt. 1

One aspect of Lolita that I love is that it's all about the details. Even the simplest, most casual coord tends to look better with a hair bow or a necklace sprucing it up. And in Lolita, there certainly is a plethora to choose from! Anything from necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, crowns (hime or flower) and head bows of various shapes and sizes are all game.  But many Lolitas take it one step further with caplets and shawls, purses, wallets and maybe the occasional gloves thrown on a classic Lolita here or there.

Still, I sometimes feel like there are still so many other interesting accessories that are going amiss! I know personally I am extremely guilty of ignoring almost a lot of the smaller elements (and it's something I hope to really focus on in this upcoming year), so I thought I'd take a moment to step back, and really reflect on everything the amazing world of fashion really has to offer. In this day and age practically anything goes, and Lolita seems to be transforming and growing at such an alarming rate that perhaps there's more room for some of these things than we've given them credit for.

So let's begin!


Gabardine Creations Couture on Etsy

Yogi Peace Scarf
I won't even pretend to hide it-I absolutely adore scarves. If there's the tiniest nip in the air, I always feel ready to bust one out. And why not? They come in a huge range of colors, fabrics, prints and styles and there's absolutely guaranteed to be one that could suit pretty much any coord. While I realize not every Lolita lives in a climate cool enough to warrant a scarf, I know I'd certainly love to see more of them utilized when possible.


Some might argue that belts aren't 'true Lolita', but I beg to differ. It's all about the details of the belt and placement. Belts that nip in at the waist are extremely popular in mainstream fashion nowadays, and as Lolita skirts and a large number of dresses rest at the natural waist, it really seems that belts are just the next logical step! Granted, these might be a little trickier to coordinate with some outfits, but when used correctly I definitely think they add just a little extra something!


I admit, watches aren't really my favorite thing-to wear. But I never tire of looking up beautiful pictures of them! And the beauty of watches is they need not be terribly expensive and can be just as beautiful as a bracelet and definitely much more useful! I know in our modern age of cell phones that watches are certainly being phased out and those who do wear them typically stick to a tried and true favorite, but I think perhaps they might be an area we should open ourselves up to. They are after all a classic staple, and classics are deemed as thus for a reason.


Baskets are pretty popular for country Lolitas. And...that's about it. I realize these are definitely a little bit trickier to coordinate with, but I can definitely see them being used for sweet Lolita and something a little more classic rather than classic-turned-country. I admit this may be a stretch, but Lolitas are definitely known for their creative handbags, so why not explore the beauty of the basket a little bit more?

What do you think are some accessories you would love to see more of in Lolita? I'd love to hear them, and keep an eye out for Part Two!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Completing Kassia!

So this post is a little overdue, but I figure a late update is better than none at all! A little over a month ago I posted about bringing home my very first girl BJD home,a DIMDoll Kassia hybrid with an Asleep Eidolon body that I purchased second hand.  After that it was time to play the waiting game with DIM as I placed my order for her head.

True enough to the DIM website, less than a month later her head was shipped out, and she arrived March 12th, 2015. Her box was so much tinier than I had anticipated, but as I began to unwrap her I could instantly feel myself falling in love.

She came with a little certificate of authenticity! It's been so long since I've ordered a doll straight from the company I forgot all about those.

Freshly unwrapped, the smell of her resin was SO strong! 

I wasted absolutely no time putting her together. Sadly my sunlight was beginning to wane by this time, but I was able to snag at least a couple of photographs of her fully assembled.

Ta da! I was able to borrow her wig, shoes and eyes from the stash I already had laying around from my other dolls. Luckily two of my boys have extremely small bodies and require girls shoes to fit them! Her dress was the only thing I purchased new from her, a quick $20 ebay purchase so she'd have something to stay at least a little modest.

Ironically, this look is absolutely NOTHING like what is actually suited for her character. Eventually, I intend for her to be a blue eyed, curly haired redhead with a penchant for detailed, extravagant dresses in jewel tones. It's going to take me awhile to have the time and means to get her to that point, but I look forward to the process and I'm just so enchanted with her at the moment I don't mind her inaccuracy.

So with that, I have my very first female BJD. She's everything I had hoped for and was well worth the effort to get her here!
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