Thursday, April 2, 2015

Completing Kassia!

So this post is a little overdue, but I figure a late update is better than none at all! A little over a month ago I posted about bringing home my very first girl BJD home,a DIMDoll Kassia hybrid with an Asleep Eidolon body that I purchased second hand.  After that it was time to play the waiting game with DIM as I placed my order for her head.

True enough to the DIM website, less than a month later her head was shipped out, and she arrived March 12th, 2015. Her box was so much tinier than I had anticipated, but as I began to unwrap her I could instantly feel myself falling in love.

She came with a little certificate of authenticity! It's been so long since I've ordered a doll straight from the company I forgot all about those.

Freshly unwrapped, the smell of her resin was SO strong! 

I wasted absolutely no time putting her together. Sadly my sunlight was beginning to wane by this time, but I was able to snag at least a couple of photographs of her fully assembled.

Ta da! I was able to borrow her wig, shoes and eyes from the stash I already had laying around from my other dolls. Luckily two of my boys have extremely small bodies and require girls shoes to fit them! Her dress was the only thing I purchased new from her, a quick $20 ebay purchase so she'd have something to stay at least a little modest.

Ironically, this look is absolutely NOTHING like what is actually suited for her character. Eventually, I intend for her to be a blue eyed, curly haired redhead with a penchant for detailed, extravagant dresses in jewel tones. It's going to take me awhile to have the time and means to get her to that point, but I look forward to the process and I'm just so enchanted with her at the moment I don't mind her inaccuracy.

So with that, I have my very first female BJD. She's everything I had hoped for and was well worth the effort to get her here!

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