Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Forgotten Lolita Accessories Pt. 2

Time for Part Two of Forgotten Lolita Accessories! It's been a little while and I figure now is as good a time as any to get the ball rolling again. So what are some more cute accessories that I think are often a little neglected and could definitely be used to spruce any outfit up?


I'm not the kind of lady who typically spends more than $12 on a pair of sunglasses. Honestly, if they're not getting lost in the abyss of what was once my bedroom (moving two people into a tiny room is hard!) then they're getting broken by my well-meaning but ever so not gentle fiance. Ah well, such is life. That just means I have more opportunity for variety! 

I admit, I have a particular fondness for extremely round, large, Harry Potter-esque sunglasses, and much to my delight, with a little searching, they are available in a slew of colors! Which spurred me further into the next logical step of matching my sunglasses with my coords! Sadly, my favorite pair right now are a pair of super pink, glittery frames and I own nothing even remotely sweet in terms of Lolita, but the idea still stands. I'd love to see more super creative eyewear in the Lolita realm!


So, I have a basic chiffon white Forever 21 blouse, and a few weeks ago one of the buttons popped off the sleeve. I've been meaning to fix it for ages but always put it off for one reason another. Well, this past weekend I finally found myself wandering down the aisles of the local fabric store, and I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across the button aisle. Flowers! Bunnies! Rainbow colors, pearls, sparklies and pastels! There were buttons galore! Did I mention the bunnies!?

So I might just be super late to the party and everyone has already jumped onto the adorable button train, but maybe there's still some Lolitas out there who, like me, never realized just how much variety in buttons there really are-and just how easy they are to add to a basic blouse for an instant pop of Lolita charm!


Artilady brooch

Okay, so perhaps these darlings aren't quite as ignored as some of the other accessories I've listed, but I still feel they're vastly under appreciated in a fashion that suits them so perfectly! Perhaps it's because they have such a strong "granny" stigma attached to them, but I really think brooches can be so much more than the common cameo we'll  occasionally see at the throat of a Gothic or Classic Lolita. A little digging through ebay, etsy, and the local flea markets and antique shops and there truly is a treasure trove to be found. They can also make an adorable addition to hats, shawls and scarves, and can be dressed up with ribbons and pearls for a little extra pop!

So there we have, Part Two of Forgotten Lolita Accessories! This was really quite fun, and I think it challenged me to think outside the box and dig a bit deeper into all those smaller details that I feel truly make Lolita a special fashion. It's always fun to find new ways to express yourself, and I love that these little additions are the perfect way to do it on a budget!

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