Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When dresses fail...

Some of you may remember my excited post a couple of weeks ago  about my latest My Lolita Dress review. You know, for this dress:

Well, sadly, not all dreams are meant to come true.
When I first tried the dress on it felt lovely. The fabric was comfortable and very lightweight and it flowed around me just as I expected. It was shorter than I was hoping for but I wasn't surprised. It lands just a few inches higher up than I would prefer, though it's nothing that a pretty white chiffon underskirt can't fix. The sleeves are the biggest problem, although it's relatively minor. They are definitely long enough and just as loose as the rest of the dress, but they are a bit snug up top across my shoulders and back. Fortunately this is only when I'm really stretching and it fits fine when I'm otherwise standing or walking normally.

Sadly, when I turned around and looked in the mirror, it was a completely different story. I ain't gonna lie, it was not a pretty picture. The entire dress felt like a frilly, frumpy nightgown. I literally looked like the definition of an overgrown toddler and I felt utterly moronic.

I gotta admit, my heart was pretty crushed.

I took the dress off trying not to cry and put it away. To this day I'm still not entirely sure where I went wrong. I do wear pink in my other, non-Lolita clothes and the mature neckline and understated decorations seemed like the perfect compromise between sweet and classic. But something about this dress just doesn't jive.

A couple days later I did try it on a second time. This time, I tied the waist sash at a different spot, higher on my waist than before. That seemed to help a little. I put my hair up instead of down. I opened the window to let some natural light in. All these things (and heaping dose of under eye concealer ) all made the entire picture not quite so frightful.

Still, it isn't enough. I literally dread the thought of ever wearing this dress in public. I briefly entertained the thought of transforming it into a skirt, but given my lack of skill and the fact that this color and fabric just might not ever look good on me, I've since retired that idea. So, sadly, up for sale it must go. I've never tried to sell off a dress quite so quickly before as I usually try to give them a few chances to mesh with my wardrobe, but this time the decision was pretty easy.

Oh well. Some people just weren't meant to look cute.


  1. Don't let one dress make you feel as though you were not meant to look cute! The cut of this dress looks as though it would be unflattering on the vast majority of people, and I personally don't think it looks good even in the stock image. I have to agree with your comment about it looking like a nightgown-- the complete lack of waist or shaping is what makes this dress look rather frumpy, not you wearing it!

    It is always a shame when certain items don't work out properly but at least now you know that this dress cut isn't right for you. If you do want a cute pastel item in the future, how about trying to find something that has a similar cut to something you already own and know you look good in? Sometimes it can take time to find your feet in a style you don't normally wear, and it can take even multiple disappointments like this before we find that piece that finally clicks :)

    1. Thank you for your comment <3 I think it was also particularly upsetting as I had hoped to wear it specifically for Valentine's Day with my fiance and I felt like such a fool in it. But you're right, I was hoping with the waist ties it would give the dress a bit more of the shape I was hoping for, but ultimately it just wasn't going to work. I have a couple other dresses in this 'tent' style that I really like, but I'm realizing they're actually far less poofy than this dress and all in more neutral colors.

      But thank you for your encouragement :) I often feel like my face shape is just more suited to modern, toned down, "office" type of clothing instead of frillier, cuter garments and sometimes that can get a little discouraging. I'm learning though that dresses with princess seams often make me feel very pretty and elegant, so I think for my next attempt at pink I'll seek out something like that!


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