Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My first lucky pack!

I am so excited! I have finally purchased my very first lucky pack!

For as long as I have been a Lolita, I have always adored the exciting Lucky Pack posts that sprinkle egl, wondering what goodies awaited inside the many packs from the likes of Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Metamorphosis. I longed to have one too, but many factors always stopped me- I don't like shopping through a shopping service, lack of funds and a general fear of wasting my money on a bunch of items I wouldn't even like or fit into.

So I waited.

Then just yesterday I was browsing through,  and I came upon this:

Oh gosh, so many cute possibilities! And for such an affordable price!

I was super anxious. I had never heard of the brand Pink Up before and my goolge-fu was failing me. Still, with only 100 packs total (and only 1/3 of that in my size), I knew these babies were going to get snapped up fast.

Luckily some other Lolitas were able to help me out a bit and I learned that Pink Up is affiliated with the brand Long Ears and Sharp Ears Studio, which was only a hair more well known. Still, from what little I found, it seemed the brand had positive reviews and adorable options, and I was already chomping at the bit to finally experience what seemed a Lolita rite of passage.

I do admit I am very nervous about the sizing. Because of the lack of reviews, my only clear indication about their sizes is that they ran small. I ordered a size Large as their chart listed a bust of 96-98cm and a waist of 76-78cm, both of which should fit me quite comfortably with a little wiggle room to spare. However, my one review of the Long Ears and Sharp Eyes brand indicated that their L-XL size fit someone with a waist and bust at least 10 cm smaller than that! Oh dear...

Still, I'm keeping my hopes up! While about half their items look a little too sweet for my tastes, the other half is absolutely gorgeous and classic and mature! And as I'm especially focusing on expanding my wardrobe color palette and styles, I'm very much looking forward to what surprises are in store for me. Sadly my order won't be shipped out until the end of the month so there's a bit of a wait time, but I'll keep myself focused elsewhere until then.

I'll be sure to post a review once it arrives. Keeping my fingers crossed for a lucky Lucky Pack!

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