Tuesday, December 30, 2014

BJD Resolutions 2015

As my BJD hobby is becoming a great part of my life again, coupled with how easily it fits into what I deem as my personal "Lolita lifestyle", I thought it would be fun to add a secondary "resolution" list pertaining to it. However, as BJDs are even more frivolous than Lolita (as at the very least I do require clothing of some sort), I'm attempting to keep this list a bit on the more low-key side. As much as I would adore to splurge, with money on the tighter side of things this year, I really have to get a bit creative.

Elysium Jamie
Customize Elijah:
Elijah is my Elysium Jamie head hybrid on a MSDoll body. I've had him since 2010 and this poor boy has had almost NO work done on him. In my defense, he requires a pretty heavy modification as his character is half Indian and half Native American, so his super pale resin just isn't going to cut it. I'm going to attempt the perilous journey of somehow getting him to the right shade of brown (whether that be through dyeing or some other means), though after that my creative juices will probably be shot and I'll more than likely send him out for a face-up. Either way, he must be finished! This includes finally getting him an actual outfit that really suits him instead of the leftovers that just happened to fit.

Find proper shoes for all:
I'm not proud to admit that two of my dolls have absolutely no shoes to speak of. None. Zero. Not even slippers. This must be fixed. This year. Period.

Take proper profile pics of all:
This ties into my Lolita resolution of attempting to grow patience with photography in general. I've put a lot of work into my dolls and I'm proud of them. While photo-stories and the like don't particularly interest me, I would like to have at least one, clear, pretty profile shot of each of them to share. Sadly, I only have about three thus far.

Switch out eyes:
I know this is such a simple thing, but I think this really shows the extent of my laziness. One of my dolls, embarrassing to admit, has never had a pair of eyes in his head. The others all have eyes, but many do not have the proper color or material. A few months back I went to a small BJD convention with my sister and actually managed to snag quite a few pretty glass eyes for awesome deals...and they've been sitting in a box since. It's time to stop avoiding it and just get them in their heads already.

One big doll purchase:
Pretty self explanatory, but I do aim to have at least one major doll purchase by the end of the year. This could be a new head (or two or three), a new body or even a really awesome, super intricate fullset outfit. I don't have any specific plans at the moment, but I know with proper saving then I will be able to achieve something special.

Yay for resolutions! I have a very positive feeling for 2015 and I'm excited for all it has in store!

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