Saturday, August 2, 2014

My first Innocent World

I'll admit it. I'm in love with LaceMarket. It's everything I'd always hoped for in a second hand Lolita sales website, and I probably spend WAY more time there than necessary. Of course, it has it's fault (its Favorites system leaves much to be desired), but overall I adore this website and have found many amazing deals through it.

Case in point, my first two beautiful Innocent World dresses! I'm still on this kick about finding new things outside my usual little comfort zone, and these two dresses were at such a good price (seriously, less than $200 for BOTH of them, including shipping!) how could I possibly pass them up?

I'm so in love! I was a bit worried since the measurements listed had my exact bust measurement as the max limit, but it was so pretty I simply couldn't ignore it. I'm so glad I didn't! I admit, for comfort sake I do wish the bust was just an inch or so bigger, but thankfully it doesn't look overly snug when I wear it, and it's not so uncomfortable that I can't wear it all day. I may use the waist ties to add a little bit more breathing room to the back someday, but for now I'm pleased with it.

I absolutely adore the length and shape of it, this dress actually reaches my knees without a petticoat, and because of its shape it can be worn without one too. I wore it to work the day after I got it, and I paired it with my new chocolate Angelic Pretty necklace and a pair of camel colored pumps that don't really work for a proper Lolita outfit, but were cute enough that I got plenty of compliments. It was the first time I wore a full outfit without a shred of black in it for a very long time!

This second dress is admittedly a bit of an odd style.I was a little apprehensive at first, but in the end it won me over. I'm really beginning to love more and more these "sack" dress styles, they're just so comfortable and cute! Thankfully the bustline on this dress isn't as low as it looks, and now that I have it I realize it would be very easy to adjust the buttons on the back so it sits a bit higher if I wish. The straps tend to slip off my shoulders fairly easily too, so I think shortening them a bit will also help with that problem, though if I go that route I will definitely need to wear some type of underskirt with it.

Again, even though this dress has some black in it, I'm really proud of this purchase since once again I feel like it pushed me a little bit out of my comfort zone while still sitting nicely in the classic look I'm going for. The cream makes it really easy for me to coordinate with my brown necklaces I recently purchased (I like this dress paired with my BTSSB bear necklace personally), and I think it could be paired easily with either a white or black underskirt, depending on what look I'm going for. Without a petticoat it sits just about a couple inches above my knee, so it works well just as a simple dress that I can also wear to work, which is always a plus!

Overall, I'm so excited with these dresses! I actually bought them both a few weeks ago, but I decided to wait until they both arrived since one took awhile to get here (for good reason, it came all the way from Australia!).  I adore them both and I think they're the perfect gateway in getting me to keep pushing myself out there.

Loving it!

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