Saturday, August 23, 2014

LBC: Most Loliable Place in my Hometown

This week's round of the Lolita Blog Carnival hits at a pretty perfect time for me, as it was only a couple of posts ago I just finished talking about the very subject! That is, the topic is The Most Loliable Place in my Hometown!

I admit, the place I will be discussing is not my actual town. This is partly due to that I feel a bit awkward plastering where I live online, and also simply because where I live is very, shall we say, not very loli. But that's okay, because the place I will be discussing is certainly adorable enough to make up for it! I present to you ladies and gentleman Downtown San Juan Bautista (California, USA).

Downtown San Juan Batista is a little under half an hour from where I live, and it's absolutely filled to the brim with adorable antique shops and interesting little boutiques. There are absolutely no large chain stores allowed, so it's a very small, personable little street where one truly feels welcome.

Unfortunately I did not have time to make another visit on my own before the LBC deadline, so these photos are all courtesy of Google Images. This is but a small glimpse of the many shops absolute jammed packed into this little street. Many of them are decorated with a quaint, shabby chic vibe and are absolutely perfect for any Lolita looking for a new brooch (there are hundreds to choose from!) or a gorgeous tea cup to add to her collection. Antique, vintage and beautiful treasures fill the windows and one can easily spend an entire afternoon exploring, shopping and just plain talking to the lovely owners.

Aside from all the wonderful shops, there are a few lovely little places to grab a snack as well. Margot's Ice Cream Parlor is wildly popular and definitely a treat to experience, and the Mission Cafe is nice for a quick bite of good old fashioned cooking. There's also a handful of amazing Mexican restaurants to choose from, a burger joint and even a little bakery to choose from. Remember, you won't find any chain restaurants around these parts, just good mom and pop food!

I should also mention that the mission of San Bautista is literally right behind downtown and definitely worth taking a look! The church has been beautifully preserved and is absolutely rich in history and beautiful scenery.

Not to mention, just look at that garden!! If that's not perfect for an afternoon stroll, then I may as well hang up my petticoat now. Of course one must remember to be very respectful as it is still an active church and an important historical landmark.

I hope anyone thinking about visiting California and is in the area gives this sweet little place a chance. It's very reminiscent of its roots and the perfect place for any Lolita to spend a day. If you're looking for more lovely Loliable places, please check out what these other bloggers have mentioned below!

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