Sunday, August 3, 2014

The great shoe debate

So, I've never really been huge into shoes. I'm not sure why, they've just never been my top priority. Don't get me wrong, I definitely like them in pictures, I think they can be super cute and I made sure to invest in some nice, versatile heeled Mary-Janes to wear with a bulk of my Lolita outfits. But otherwise I've never felt a strong pull that encouraged to go ahead and try out lots of different style of shoes, it was always just another detail that I would get to 'someday'.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, all of that has changed.

Maybe it's because I'm branching out now with my color pallet and I want shoes to match. Maybe it's because my budget is a little more limited nowadays and I can get a pair of shoes (or two) for way cheaper than a dress. Or maybe it's because I'm finally sick of wearing the same look alike three pairs of shoes over and over again. Whatever the reason is, the bug has at last bitten me. Hard.

I admit, I'm looking into Bodyline. Although I feel as though I've personally "graduated" from ordering too much more of their clothing, shoes seem like a different matter entirely. I know they're definitely a popular place to buy shoes from, even from very seasoned Lolitas, and the fact that they currently have their lovely $10 shipping deal going on doesn't hurt either. I've given myself a two shoe limit at the moment, so let's see, what have I got my eye on.


Wow. Tea parties. Me? I've avoided these types of shoes for so long since I feel they're just a bit too childish for me, plus I have big feet and I always feel like flat shoes make them look even bigger (even outside of Lolita I rarely wear flat shoes). But through the winds of change I find myself constantly coming back to them, pulled in by their adorable charm and comfort possibilities. I realize it's probably a good idea for me to own at least one pair of flat Lolita shoes, so why not stick with the classics? I'm sure with the right coord I can still avoid coming off too childish, and since this particular style is a little more cutesy, I would stick with plain black to blend in with most of my current wardrobe.

Another pair of tea parties! Gosh, they're just too lovely, aren't they? Although I also really like these in black, I'm considering purchasing these in silver instead (to wear for a certain day in the not to distant future when my boyfriend might just possibly pop a certain question!). I also feel like this style is just a tad more mature than the other tea parties, so I like them in brown as well since I think they would compliment my new love for classic, brown dresses.

These shoes actually look very similar to what I ordinarily wear already, just a little more jazzed up. I fell in love with these in brown and I think they give off a lovely classic vibe. Of course, I love them in black and navy too! Although these aren't flats, I'm certainly not ready to give up my heels forever and these really mesh so well with my favorite look, so I expect I'll probably own more than one pair of these sooner or later.


Okay, I'm honestly not sure if these even count as Lolita, and I don't really care. I've loved these boots since they first came out last year and I still love them now. They're at a real bargain price right now (probably because it's the middle of summer), and even though I really don't need any more heels OR anything with fur lining the inside, it's getting more and more difficult to resist...

Omgosh, so many choices!!! And that's not even counting all of the other beautiful shoes I have my eye on from other websites. One pair at a pair at a time.

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