Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Wardrobe Reimagined

 I've decided I need to jump into July with some positivity! I noticed that in June I started to get really hung up on the flaws in my wardrobe and all of the things I didn't like about it. I felt really uninspired by the lack of variety, and irritated by the items I never wore that were taking up space. Even more so, I was frustrated with myself and my own waning confidence in owning the style and daring to wear something that I know could make me feel elegant and beautiful. I didn't feel like I was doing the fashion justice, and that despite my many years in Lolita, I still didn't know how to properly coordinate or wear anything that solid black from head to toe. Simply put, I forgot where I stand in the fashion and what exactly it means to me.

But then I took a step back and really began to think about things. And I realized that how I feel about Lolita is actually not very complicated at all. In fact, it was the topic of one of my very first blog posts!  Plain and simple, I love Lolita because it's beautiful and it has the potential to make me feel lovely and magical. 

So in order to reignite the passion that has begun to simmer down over these past few months, I tried out something a little creative and made a collage of where I'd like to see my wardrobe headed.

So here's a quick snapshot into my future wardrobe! Obviously not everything I have saved to my wishlist is here, but I thought these pieces presented a pretty good idea as to what I'm hoping to accomplish with my style. My aim is to acquire a more classic look, and as far as my current wardrobe is concerned, that certainly means adding in a lot more color. My favorites are wine reds, dark blues and some dusty grays and pinks, though I highly doubt I'll ever completely end my love affair with black. 

Colors aside, I'm also hoping to explore more in terms of prints and accessories, namely tights. Although I've never been huge on prints (except for a short four month stint when I acquired my beloved Unico in Bloomland skirt I never wear), I do think some pretty, delicate flowers or small, understated prints might add some visual interest. I would also love some new tights, both in new solid colors (I'm thinking wine red and possibly cream), as well as perhaps even some printed tights. I really adore the look of printed tights, especially those with soft, muted florals, however I am nervous about purchasing any as I have a lot of issues with the fit of tights and I don't want to waste a lot of money trying to find something that is comfortable.

Even though the process will undoubtedly be long, I'm excited at the possibilities! For the longest time I feel as though I've forgotten how to even shop, scared to purchase anything that wasn't solid black for fear that it wouldn't match anything else. But now, especially with the encouragement of my boyfriend who just happens to be a wonderful dresser, I'm feeling ready to step it up and wiggle a little out of my comfort zone.

Thanks for sticking by my side lovely readers, I look forward to sharing where my new direction in Lolita will take me!

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