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52 Challenge: How I found Lolita

So it's been awhile since I've posted one of these (thank goodness I didn't insist on one per week), so let's have a little fun! Time for another round of the 52 Lolita Challenge, and once again I've chosen something that will hopefully give a little more background of yours truly. For this round of the 52 Lolita Challenge...

How I found Lolita

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Wow, it really does seem like ages ago! Let's reveal just how old I really am with this, shall we? 

Back in my high school years I was really into the typical anime scene. I visited a convention once a year and it was always a major highlight. Back then, I was really enamored with the cosplayers, and always told myself I would give it a go myself some day. Well, ultimately after two extremely simple attempts, I realized that not only did I not feel comfortable wearing clothes for characters with extremely different body types than mine, but I just couldn't wrap my head around spending all the time and money into a creation I would only wear once a year (and alone to boot since I had no friends who would cosplay with me).

I do remember at one point when I was searching for other options to still dress up, someone online suggested I look into Lolita since it allowed the option to be themed into a more costume type of coord, and would also probably be much more flattering on my body type. I'd never heard of it before, and seeing as this was around 2005/2006, I was a little confused and turned off by the lack of information. Still, the seed had been planted.

Come 2007, my senior year in high school, my interest in anime was waning. Still, I attended the convention, only this time my attention was majorly diverted from cosplay. It seemed like right around this time Lolita was really beginning to pick up and I saw gorgeous outfits everywhere! I was gobsmacked. What was this beautiful fashion? Where did it come from? And most importantly, could I wear it too?

I went home and spent the rest of my summer researching these amazing clothes. That Christmas, as a gift from my aunt, I purchased my very first skirt and cutsew from Bodyline. I still own them both, and while the cutsew is a bit too sweet and casual for my tastes now, the skirt is still just as much a gem in my closet as it was the day it first arrived.

I still remember how it felt to put on my very first pieces of true Lolita clothing. As cliche as it is, it felt magical. I never thought I could look pretty, never believed I could look in the mirror and be unable to stop smiling. But when I put on that cutsew and skirt, I knew this fashion brought out in me what I had been hiding for a very long time, a part of me that I had long forgotten was even there. I found myself through a simple Bodyline outfit, and though that was a long time ago, I'll always strive to always feel as lovely as I did that day.

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