Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Autumn buns

I admit, this has been an extremely slow month. Or rather I should say, it's been a very slow Lolita month, otherwise the rest of life has been zipping by like crazy. It seems like every time I blink another week has gone past and the end of the year is rapidly approaching, whether I'm ready for it or not.

Sadly, I simply have not had a lot of time to engage in many Lolita activities this October, nor do I have much of the energy for it. Aside from another Bodyline shoe order that should be coming in any day now (fingers crossed they fit this time), my thoughts have been geared elsewhere. My boyfriend and I even took a weekend trip to San Francisco a couple days ago, and not only did I NOT wear Lolita, but I think it was the first time in at least a couple years I have not bought a single thing from either the  AP or BtssB boutiques (though I admit I was heavily tempted by a pink headbow from AP that I'd spied earlier online, but sadly I had to bite the bullet and pass it up).

Still, despite my lack of focus right now, I think it's important to keep the cuteness and whimsy of Lolita alive, if only in my mind. So for now, until I manage to immerse myself again full swing into the lovely world of Lolita once more, have some adorable buns enjoying autumn.



Happy autumn everyone!!!

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