Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Swap Meet 2014

Hello again lovely ladies and gents! This past weekend I attended my very first ever Lolita Swap Meet and I'm very excited to report back! I noticed when the meet was scheduled last year and was very sad I wasn't able to attend, both for scheduling reasons as well as the fact that I was still feeling quite out of the Lolita loop. This year was a different matter entirely, and not only was I able to attend, I sold quite a few things as well!

The meet was to take place between 1-7 pm, and was hosted at one of our local loli's beautiful homes. My boyfriend and I arrived around 12:45 to give ourselves plenty of time to set up, and thank goodness we did because there were already plenty of girls setting up! I've been preparing for this meet-up for a couple weeks now, so I was 110% ready to get going with my display, price tags and deals. Here's what my display ended up looking like:

So much black! As I've mentioned a few months ago, I'm still in the process of purging my close of a lot of plainer, black dresses I've accumulated over the years and never seem to get around to actually wearing. Truthfully I've been pretty bad about it since I'm admittedly a bit lazy and hate going to the post office, especially as I don't own a scale and never know the correct amount of postage to charge.  So this swap meet was truly a golden opportunity for me to bring everything all together and try to sell in person! I also brought a long a few ponies and BJD accessories I've been needing to clear out as well.

I was unprepared for just how huge this event was going to be!! It was estimated approximately 60-70 guests ended up arriving for the day, and there were SO many frills! It was absolutely amazing to have the opportunity to see so many breathe-taking garments up close, not only on the hangers but on my fellow Lolita's as well! Everyone looked so beautiful and as I don't tend to partake in many meet-ups, it was very inspiring to see all the gorgeous coords and meet so many lovely people! Here are a few photos as the event was going on.

And here's a quick snapshot of what I wore that day!

No shoes cause it was all indoors
Yes, more black, but this is one of my favorite dresses as it's extremely comfortable, and since I knew I'd be dressed up all day I wanted something I could move around easily in. I did try to add a few more details however with the gold in both my wristcuffs and necklace and some pearls. I'm annoyed as I have this really adorable gold carousel pin that I also wanted to wear, but I forgot it at home since I was in such a rush and didn't realize until a few hours later. Oh well, better luck next time!

Overall I'm really pleased with how much I sold. In the end, my total broke down to this: 

2 BtssB dresses

2 Bodyline dresses

1 Bodyline blouse

1 Bodyline cardigan

1 offbrand blouse

1 handmade dress

1 headbow

1 pair of Bodyline shoes

Definitely not bad! I reached my own personal goal (I can now spring for this adorable tulle skirt I've been eying on Modcloth) and it feels amazing to have gotten rid of so many things! Not only that, but it feels so wonderful to be able to see my items go onto make other Lolita so happy and feel beautiful! I think that experience of realizing just how much we've made another Loli's day isn't really something we think about when selling online, and it's definitely a lovely feeling. Once I get off my lazy bum I'm going to be putting up the remainder of my items on Lacemarket and finally cleaning out the last of what needs to go.

I'm actually quite proud of myself for not going crazy and spending everything I made! As mentioned, I am in the midst of savings, but I did allow myself one little splurge.

Image from Miss-harajuki.com

Ta da! Isn't she gorgeous!! I spotted this little beauty early on in the day and was absolutely smitten. It was in another room from where I was set up, but every ten minutes or so I would wander over, just to see if anyone else has bought it. I kept trying to get it out of my head, especially since I was so intent on not purchasing anything. But after a few hours my boyfriend convinced me to at least try it on, what could it hurt, right?

It was pure love! I was almost hoping it wouldn't be the right size or fit awkwardly or be too short...but alas, I pulled that zipper up and it was like this dress was made for me. It fits absolutely beautifully and I felt like a regal snow princess. I was trying not to allow myself to get too carried away...but I think how much I adored this dress was clear on my face. After another half an hour my boyfriend wandered away for a few minutes and lo and behold returned with none other than my new lovely white dress! All in all, this little splurge was most definitely worth it!

I had such a lovely time at the meet, and I'm so glad I was able to attend this year. It was so fun meeting so many ladies all at once and I'm really hoping I get to see them again soon!

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