Thursday, October 30, 2014

52 Challenge: Bloomers or no bloomers?

Ah, it's time for another 52 Lolita Challenge blog post! Today we're tackling the age old question:

Bloomers v. No Bloomers

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 I'll be honest, after my 7+ years dabbling in the fashion, the answer to this question is a bit of a no-brainer.
Bloomers. Always wear bloomers. 

I readily admit, I didn't always used to think this way. In my early days in the fashion, I thought I could get by wearing running shorts beneath my skirts, and in the winter, fleece pajama shorts. Hey, why not? It's not like anyone could see them, and admittedly they still worked the way they were supposed to. But gosh was I uncomfortable!

Even with the length of my skirt, I was constantly paranoid the not-so dainty hem of my shorts could be seen, ruining the pretty, put-together image I had so carefully crafted. And when I did without any shorts at all? Oh boy, do those skirts move! I learned to walk with the grace of a penguin, my arms constantly against my side to ensure no surprise gusts of wind would rise up and display my unmentionables to the world.

I admit, bloomers are not expensive. But they're also not very exciting either. Why would I waste $25 on fancy underwear when I could save just $20 more and purchase a pretty new blouse instead? At least, that was my line of reasoning (and before anyone points out the obvious, I'm a mess with a needle and thread. I've learned through a lot of painful trial and error that sewing is not, nor will ever be, a past time for me). Oh how wrong I was.

My advice to all Lolitas out there. Spring for the bloomers. They need not be super fancy $100 bloomers spun from unicorn hair and angel feathers, but take a look around on Etsy, peruse Bodyline, or sew your own if you're so inclined, but please, at some point (preferably early on) take the time to purchase at least 1 pair of proper Lolita undies. Your tushie will thank you for it later.

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  1. Haha I completely agree with this! To begin with I just couldn't be bothered to get bloomers and then I realised just how important they were! It's unbelievable how easy it is to flash people when you have a poofy skirt on! But they're also very comfortable to lounge around in or wear as pyjama shorts so they never go to waste. I wear them under non lolita skirts as well. I'm so into bloomers I've started sewing my own now XD #bloomeraddict haha


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