Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wardrobe Make-Over

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My Lolita wardrobe always seems to be in this constant state of flux, and never in a good way. For awhile all I wanted was to wear skirts and blouses. Then I only wanted prints. Then I wanted solid black, all the time. Nothing has ever lasted...except perhaps for my fondness for darker colors.

It's quite frustrating as I've been a Lolita for almost 7 years now (holy frijoles...has it really been that long?), and I still feel like I don't know any more about my style now than I did when I first started out. Sure, I've settled on a few elements that work for me, such as dresses tend to be a lot more flatting on me than skirts, chiffon blouses are amazing and that I'll probably never own a pair of tea parties in my life since dainty heels are just so much cuter, but I've yet to actually open my closet, look at my clothing and think 'Yes. This is exactly what I want.'

My dream is to be able to wear Lolita every day (or as close to every day as possible). Because I work in a very relaxed office, this is actually quite doable so long as I stay away from anything too OTT (which works out well for me as I've never been an OTT type of Lolita anyway). Yet despite this freedom, I find myself recycling through the same four of five outfits constantly and my dresses remain untouched. What gives?

I've decided to need to take a step back and take a really hard and long look at my closet and decide on what's working and what has overstayed its welcome. Unfortunately, that's the easy part. The next step is what I feel I've been truly avoiding for awhile not, but must be done if I ever want to really wear Lolita as often as I hope for. For what I really have to challenge myself to do is have a frank conversation with myself about my style, and what can realistically work on my body as opposed to what grabs me just because it's cute and fits. This also includes color, since I've been so comfortable in solid black for so long now that it's going to be a struggle to branch out to other shades. However, the constant monochromatic look, though pretty, starts to look a little juvenile after awhile and I really need to push myself to go out of my comfort zone. I doubt I'll be wearing tons of creams or pastels any time soon, and black will always have a prominent place in my wardrobe, but I hope to start incorporating some grays or wine reds into the mix.

I know this is going to be a long process, and my wardrobe won't be flipped around overnight. It's going to take some work and some honest thinking and decision making. But I'm excited to start and get back to wearing my frills soon!


  1. I usually don't do laundry until I've worn ALL of my clothes. Doing this I tend to notice the things that are always being left last. I also keep a one item in one item out rule. It generally keeps my closet with things that I do wear. Hopefully these tips can help you some!

    1. That's a good idea! I do notice there are definitely some pieces that have been hanging out in my closet for awhile that I keep HOPING I'll wear but never actually get around to doing it. I guess I have to force myself to really think about why that is and weed out what just isn't going to work.


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