Wednesday, November 26, 2014

52 Challenge: Defining my Style

This is a post I've actually been wanting to write for awhile now, but I admit I've been pushing it off for a bit as my wardrobe still remains in a pretty intense state of flux. But enough is enough. I may be in a strange sort of transitioning phase, but that doesn't mean I don't know what I like or want. Quite the contrary, as I work through weeding out the old and carefully picking out the new, I feel that I have a greater appreciation than ever for the style I someday hope to emulate. So, without further ado...

5 key words that describe my personal style


 I'm no spring chicken, this I know. And while some beautiful ladies have the confidence and desire to dress like a cupcake no matter what their physical age, I find that as I've grown both in Lolita, and just in experience, my longing to express a sense of sophistication and grace has only grown. Softer, dusty colors, understated jewelry and an emphasis on fabrics and construction rather than prints have become my new focus.

While this may seem like it contradicts the previous point, I personally don't think so. Although I am not a sweet Lolita, there is no doubt that most styles of Lolita contain and element of sweetness to them. I am not a hardcore Gothic or Classic Lolita, and I am not above adding small details of added cute to my coords to make me feel lovely.


While some ladies prefer a dramatic, glamorous or hardcore edge to their, I prefer a softer, overall gentler vibe. Romance, to me, represents so much more than a physical love between two people. It can be showcased through fashion by soft fabrics, delicate details and an overall look of mature sweetness.

Image from BitSweet on Etsy

A bit difficult to describe, but I feel like a sense of light-hardheartedness is essential in my personal style.  Whimsy gives a sense of playfulness, a small detail that requires a double take and makes one simply want to smile.


It is true that modesty is generally an essential aspect of Lolita, but I find this is a stylistic trait that I've grown very particular about. While many Lolita have no problem wearing ankle socks or sleeve-less one-piece dresses, I try to steer clear from such clothing choices. Certainly there are very warm days where such options are the only ones that are reasonable, but overall I strive to retain a sense of modesty in all my coords.

I readily admit I am not an expert in applying all of these elements in my daily outfits just yet, but they are all aspects which I strive to embody. They continue to inspire me and push me to become and portray the woman I want to be. 

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